Pork Chops with Hot Cherry Peppers Recipe

Pork Chops with Hot Cherry Peppers Recipe


  •     4 Pork chops 1 inch thick, seasoned with salt and black pepper

  •     7 Pickled hot cherry peppers stems removed and vinegar squeezed out, cut into 4 pieces

  •     1/2 cup Hot cherry pepper vinegar

  •     1.5 Onion Sliced

  •     2 Garlic cloves halved

  •     Salt and black pepper to taste

  •     4 oz Olive oil


  1.     Start off by scoring the fat along the edge of each pork chop in two to three different spots in order to prevent the pork chop from curling and cooking unevenly.

  2.     In a deep skillet, warm up about two ounces of olive oil and add in the garlic. Fry the garlic for about one minute over a medium flame and then move to the side of the skillet.

  3.     Add in each pork chop and cook for about three to four minutes over a medium flame. Make sure to keep moving them around in order to prevent them from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Remove the garlic once they start to brown in order to prevent a burnt flavor added to the pork chops. Flip the pork chops over and add the hot cherry peppers vinegar. You can also use white wine instead for a less intense spiciness. Lower the flame to medium/low to continue to cook while you prepare the onions and hot cherry peppers.

  4.     In a frying pan, warm up about two ounces of olive oil and then add in the onions and saute for about three minutes. At this point, flip the pork chops over again.

  5.     Add in the hot cherry peppers, salt and black pepper to the onions and continue to saute for about five minutes over a medium/low flame, making sure to occasionally stir to cook evenly. The pork chops can be flipped over occasionally for even cooking.

  6.     Add the onions and hot cherry peppers to the pork chops skillet and continue to cook for another seven to eight minutes over a medium/low flame. Remove from the stove and enjoy with a side of potatoes, salad, or whatever you prefer. Salute! Cin cin!

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