Quick & Easy Ricotta Appetizer

Chef Paola Martinenghi’s Quick & Easy Ricotta Appetizer – Perfect for Quick Entertaining

|Chef Paola Martinenghi


Ciao! I wanted to share a quick recipe that you can whip up in no time at all.  It’s creamy, salty and beautiful.   


The Ricotta we have in Italy (as is everything!) is fantastic.  I encourage you, as I always do with my clients, to buy the best ricotta you can find.  If you can find it made with Italian milk, that will always be the best! 




Chef Paola Martinenghi with The Chef & The Dish 



Fresh Ricotta

Capers, minced

Sun-Dried tomatoes, minced

Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P.

Italian toasts, or hearty bread 



Slice your bread into 1 inch thick pieces, drizzle with a bit of D.O.P. Olive oil, and warm under the broiler until just slightly golden.  When ready, put a dollop of fresh ricotta on top warmed Italian toasts. Top with a sprinkle of minced capers and sun-dried tomatoes.  Easy, and perfect for an elegant appetizer.  

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