Quick Lemon and Basil Fettuccine only 4 Ingredients!

Quick Lemon and Basil Fettuccine

only 4 Ingredients

Lemon and Basil Fettuccine is a very simple and elegant dish.  Italian food does not need to be complicated to taste good.  It is all about quality ingredients and love.  This recipe is so simple that it only uses olive oil, grated cheese, lemon juice and basil.  This is a nice light meal that you can serve in the summer.  If you watch this video, you will see that you can make Lemon and Basil Fettuccine in about 3-4 minutes.  Cook up some homemade pasta and mix the two together and you will not believe how good it will taste.  If you want to kick it up a notch you could add almost any vegetable to this dish.  Fresh asparagus and/or fresh carrots would go well with lemon and basil fettuccine.

Jamie Oliver says that when you use a high quality olive oil, you do not want to cook with it, just heat it up.  So if you wanted to add a protein to this dish like shrimp or chicken, you will want to precook them in a different skillet.  Possibly some fresh pan fried scallops and/or clams would go well with this dish.  If you wanted to get creative, you could even use a little white wine.  Don’t be afraid to experiment by adding different things to this recipe.  You may find that your family really likes this with fresh peas or zucchini.

When we are going to cook something for the first time, we typically look for at a whole bunch of recipes and take a little from this one and a little from that one.  It is very rare that we follow a recipe exactly.  It is a good idea however to record what you use in a recipe so that you can determine what if any changes you would make the next time you make that dish

Click below to watch Jamie Oliver make Lemon and Basil Fettuccine.

Hope you enjoy!


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