Should Sons Kiss Their Dad?

Should Sons Kiss Their Dad?

As your Father’s Son, Do you, Did you… 

Kiss Your Dad?



Kissing Your Dad?

Seems pretty simple to me. This is something that I grew up with. I always kissed my dad and my sons always kiss me. That’s how I was raised and that’s how I raised my boys. It’s a wonderful sign of affection between boys and their dads. We also end our conversations with …

“Love Ya'”.

Even now as grown adults that’s how we are with each other.

Frank and son Michael affectionately kissing his dad while fishing together

When I was growing up we lived in a mixed suburban community. My friends were mostly Roman Catholic whose families came from varied cultural back rounds. Rarely if ever did I see any of them kiss their dads hello or goodbye.


I never really thought about it but as I grew I noticed that the affection we showed to each other in my extremely large Italian Family was much different than that which I saw at most of my friend’s homes. I often would watch other boys and their dads shake hands or just say goodbye, much different than what I was used to. Often the kids would jump out of the car when their dad’s dropped them off without any affectionate interaction between them.


When my boys became teenagers it seemed strange or even effeminate to other kids that my sons would still kiss me, their dad when I would drop them off at a game or event. I never thought twice about it since we were so used to it. In fact, even to this day I would feel like we missed something if one of the boys (now adults) would leave without our kissing each other goodbye. 

Well as you can understand by watching the video below things changed for the moment one day when I dropped my son Frank (Francesco) off at school, a freshman at the time for football practice. It was one of those moments that you never forget. 

Take a moment if you would, as I share the experience and please comment. Let me know how you feel about sons kissing their fathers. 

My Dad is in heaven now and I miss him every day. Wish with all my heart that I could kiss him again.

Miss You Dad


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