Sophia Loren – Mambo Italiano – Great Montage Tribute

Sophia Loren

“Mambo Italiano”

This is the best version of that song I ever heard.

The song is ‘Mambo Italiano,’ and the actress … well…. who elso…

Sophia Loren

Mambo Italiano

This is one of the best montage tributes we’ve seen celebrating


Wonderful Video Below

From You Tube

Interesting Facts

Mambo Italiano is a popular song written by Bob Merrill in 1954 and recorded by Rosemary Clooney. Merrill wrote it under deadline, scribbled hastily on a paper napkin in an Italian restaurant in New York, United States using the wall pay-phone to dictate the melody, rhythm and lyrics to the recording studio pianist, under the aegis of conductor Mitch Miller.

The song became a hit for Rosemary, reaching #10 on the charts in the United States and number one in the UK Singles Chart early in 1955.

The original record was produced by Mitch Miller.

In 1956 a song using the melody of “Mambo Italiano” was released in Hong Kong about various kinds of Chinese steamed buns.

In 1988, the song figured prominently in the 22-year off-Broadway production of “Tony & Tina’s Wedding” as well as various national touring productions since.

Other versions of “Mambo Italiano” have been recorded by Dean Martin, Bette Midler, Gérard Darmon, Alma Cogan (1955) and Renato Carosone, and in French Dario Moreno and Finnish Olavi Virta.

Deana Martin recorded “Mambo Italiano,” also recorded by her father, Dean Martin, in 2006. The song was released on her 2006 albumMemories Are Made of This by Big Fish Records.

The bands Groove Armada and Basement Jaxx have each recorded their own electronic music versions of the song. A Russian version of “Mambo Italiano” was recorded by Philipp Kirkorov in 2001, and appeared on his album Vchera, Segodnya, Zavtra. Paula Tsui recorded a Mandarin version, “Cha shao bao”.

In 2011, Lady Gaga sampled the opening melody for her Born This Way song, Americano.

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