Tarantella Napoletana – Italian Mandolin Expert “Antonio Calsolaro”

Wonderful Tarantella Napoletana

Italian Mandolin Expert

Antonio Calsolaro

This Classic and Traditional Tarantella Napoletana is played by the Italian mandolin Maestro ANTONIO CALSOLARO with Francesco Polito on Guitar.

Take a moment and Listen. We love this piece.

Hope you Enjoy this Video Below

A mandolin (Italian: mandolino; literally “small mandola”) is a musical instrument in the lute family and is usually plucked with aplectrum or “pick”. It commonly has four courses of doubled strings tuned in unison (8 strings), although five (10 strings) and six (12 strings) course versions also exist. The courses are normally tuned in a succession of perfect fifths. It is the soprano member of a family that includes the mandola, octave mandolin, mandocello, and mandobass. It descends from the mandore.

The Neapolitan style has an almond-shaped body resembling a bowl, constructed from curved strips of wood. It usually has a bent sound table, canted in two planes with the design to take the tension of metal strings. A hardwood fingerboard sits on top of or is flush with the sound table. Very old instruments may use wooden tuning pegs, while newer instruments tend to use geared metal tuners. The bridge is a movable length of hardwood. A pick guard is glued below the sound hole under the strings.  European roundbacks commonly use a 13-inch scale instead of the 13.876 common on archtop Mandolins.  

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