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“DEEP DISH PIZZA” ……… What is it? Is This Really Pizza…?

PIZZA Is “Deep Dish” Really Pizza…?  Hysterical * This is really a very funny piece on the validity of “Deep Dish Pizza”. Even though both Deep Dish and Stuffed Pizza’s are often very good the argument still ensues. Is this Deep Dish item really pizza or something else? Very Funny * Deep Dish Pizza  Is […]

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The Evolution of Pizza

The Evolution of Pizza The word “pizza” was first documented in 997 AD in Gaeta, Italy, and successively in different parts of Central and South Italy. The precursor of pizza was probably the focaccia, a flat bread known to the Romans as “panis focacius”, to which toppings were then added. Foods similar to pizza have […]

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Corned Beef and Cabbage Pizza

Corned Beef and Cabbage Pizza Want to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day Italian style?  How about some Corned Beef and Cabbage Pizza?  OK, we have not actually tasted this pizza; but on the Food Network website, this recipe has 4 1/2 stars.  If you decide to make this or if you have a pizza place near […]

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