Amaretti Pumpkin Pie

Amaretti Pumpkin Pie


    For the base:

  •     1/2 cup of Crushed Graham Crackers

  •     2 Tbsp of Granulated Sugar

  •     1/2 cup of Unsalted Butter, melted

  •     5 oz of Amaretti Cookies

  •     3 Tbsp of Sliced Almonds

    For the filling:

  •     15 oz of Pure Pumpkin puree

  •     1 cup of Evaporated Milk

  •     1/4 cup of Heavy Cream

  •     1/2 cup of Granulated Sugar

  •     1/4 cup of Brown Sugar

  •     2 Eggs

  •     2 tsp of Pumpkin Pie Spice

    For the topping:

  •     2/3 cup of Heavy Cream

  •     4 oz of Mascarpone Cheese, left at room temperature for about 2 hours

  •     2 Tbsp of Granulated Sugar

  •     3 to 4 Tbsp of Amaretto (or less depending on your preference)


    1) Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, grease a 9 inch pie plate, place it on a baking sheet and set it aside.

    2) To make the base, place the amaretti and almonds in a food processor and pulverize them, then add the graham crackers along with the butter and sugar and whiz it up until well combined.

    3) Press the mixture evenly in the pie plate and pop it in the oven for about 8 minutes, meanwhile, make the filling.

    4) Add all of the ingredients for the filling in your food processor and whiz it up until it’s all nice and smooth, pour the filling in your pre-baked cookie crust and pop it back in the oven for 50 minutes.

    5) Allow the pie to come to room temperature, then pop it in the fridge for several hours.

    6) To make the topping, in a bowl, using a handheld electric whisk, whisk the cream to form soft peaks, then in a separate bowl using the same whisk, cream together the mascarpone, sugar and amaretto for a couple of minutes then fold in the soft whipped cream.

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