Halloween Snack Ideas: Monstrous Eyes

Halloween Snack Ideas: Monstrous Eyes


Ready for your Halloween party? Scare your guests with your Halloween recipes and cook special dishes for them


  • 20 Pachino tomatoes

  • 40 basil leaves

  • 20 small mozzarella balls (or 5 big mozzarellas to cut into smaller balls)

  • Extra virgin olive oil

  • Salt

  • Black and green olives


  1. Wash the tomatoes and then cut them into thin slices.

  2. Season with olive oil and salt and stir gently so as not to break them.

  3. Cut the green olives in halves, and the black olives in small pieces.

  4. Take a large serving tray and put on the basil leaves on it.

  5. On each leaf place a slice of tomato, the mozzarella and half green olive.

  6. Finally place a piece of black olive in the green olive’s pit.

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