Hey, No Toucha’ You Face – “Laughter” is the Best Medicine

Hey, No Toucha’ You Face

“Laughter” is the Best Medicine


This is a really cute song / video called “Hey, No Toucha’ You Face” 

Laughter is the Best Medicine

With all of the tragedy around the globe especially in light of those suffering the pain and suffering in Italy it is hard to find anything funny about with all of this.

That said, however there are always creative people that give us something to smile about. This video is the result of a few of those people. 

Please we are not taking this tragedy lightly. Its just that we at this point need something to smile about. 

Lyric to this cute song

Ello….  I have some ting special for  you I tinka’ you gonna’ like. 

Una, Due, Tre, Quattro.

Not too long ago we used to play outside

We never stayed afoot

We traveled far and wide

We were never home

and we wassa’ satisfied 

We were never alone

its true.

Now thats alla change

We never can leava da house

The only person I see is my little Italian spouse

ma whattya gonna’ do I feel like a putz.

Its a driva’ me nuts.

But the news she always say, washemuppa’ you hands 

Coverem uppa’ you cough

You no canna go to the beach

You no canna play da’ golf.

You no canna go no place or you be a bigga disgrace.

Hey no toucha’ you face! 

Hey Mario give us some of your accordian music hey….

Accordions never hurtta’ nobody and they sounda’ so nice.


I missa alla my friends

I missa my bocce game

Whenna dis gonna end

and who we gonna’ blame.

I’mma feela sad

I missa the fun i had,

Its a terrible shame.

But the news continue to say…

Washemuup you hands, 

Coverem up you cough,

You no canna go to the beach,

You no canna pay the golf.

You no canna go no place or you be a bigga disgrace.

Hey no toucha you face. 


Mama mia I canna no capisce come cozze ciede something like this.

One minute we laugh and sing we canna do anything.

Imma gonna tell you and I dont wanna’ be a shnook

because all of the restaurants are closed

I’mma so glad my maria can cook..

and the news they still say….



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