Home-made egg pasta

Home-made egg pasta is a lot easier than you think!


The ratio that never fails, the one my Nonna taught me, is 1 egg to 100 gr of 00 flour for each person.

So if you want to make enough for 4 people,

  •  4 eggs,

  • 400 gr of flour

  • and a pinch of salt.


  1. No water, no oil needed.

  2. You can do it all by hand (messy, but satisfying) or you can assemble the dough in a food processor and then finish kneading by hand until smooth.

  3. Then wrap and, crucially important, rest! 20-30 minutes (at room temp or in the fridge if too hot) is enough for the dough to become soft and pliable.

  4. Then rolling it out (either by hand or with a machine) is child’s play! Make sure you have some semolina (durum wheat flour) on hand to sprinkle the noodles with to allow to dry and not stick together.

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