Italian Cook – Mini Fritatta Inspired by BuonaPappa

Italian Cook – Mini Fritatta Inspired by BuonaPappa

Italian Cook – Mini Fritatta Inspired by BuonaPappa –

A beautiful and fast idea for breakfast + a fun way to offer a complete meal to your kids. Frittata is the Italian version of an omelette, in today’s recipe I used tons of ingredients for a very tasty final result: cheese, ham, fresh veggies, olives, herbs, bread…and of course eggs 🙂
The muffin shape is a must for this recipe: the frittata gets “mini” and it’s perfect to eat with your hands.
You can play with the ingredients: take out the ham if you are vegetarian, add more veggies or change them following the seasons, add different kinds of cheese, be creative, the final result will be delicious!!

The traditional Italian breakfast (prima colazione) consists of caffè e latte (hot coffee with milk) or coffee with bread or rolls, butter, and jam. A cookie-like rusk hard bread, called fette biscottate, and cookies are commonly eaten. Children drink hot chocolate, plain milk, or hot milk with very little coffee. If breakfast is eaten in a bar (coffee shop), it is composed of cappuccino and cornetto (frothed hot milk with coffee, and a pastry) or espresso and pastry. Other products such as breakfast cereals, fruit salad (macedonia), muesli and yogurt are becoming increasingly common as part of the meal. However the traditional Italian breakfast varies by region and by season. In some regions such as Tuscany and Umbria, in the past, people used to drink red wine (notably Chianti) in which they would dip their biscuits. These mini Fritatte are small and a perfect idea for a little different approach to “Colazione”.

It is also very common for some Italians to have a quick breakfast snack during the middle of the morning (typically a small panino, or bread roll).

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