Mozzarella in Carrozza recipe

Mozzarella in Carrozza recipe

The Mozzarella Carrozza is a typical Neapolitan recipe. It ‘s the classic fried which is located in the pizzerias, food warm is really a big sweet tooth. Almost always use the mozzarella though sometimes it is used buffalo mozzarella.


8 slices Pancarrè square
1 large Mozzarella
2 Eggs
Oil for frying


Cut the mozzarella into slices thick enough, and lay them on the slices of bread.

Richiudete ( cover) each slice of mozzarella with a respective slice of bread to form sandwiches.

Press them well and pass them first in flour, then in beaten eggs with milk, salt and pepper.

When you are well soaked, drain them and let them brown on both sides in hot oil, then let them dry on paper towels and serve hot.


If you want you can stuff the mozzarella in a carriage with some anchovy fillet washed salt and deliscato. Alternatively, you can prepare the mozzarella alla milanese that does not use white bread.

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