Nina Conti – Best Ventriloquist in the World – Hysterical MUST WATCH

Nina Conti – Best Ventriloquist in the World – Hysterical


Nina M. Conti (born 5 June 1974) is an actress, comedian and ventriloquist. Among many characters, her primary on-stage puppet sidekicks are a white-haired Scottish grandmother named Granny and a deadpan and somewhat sinister monkey named Monk.

The face mask, featured in this clip, rather than an actual puppet with a personality, is a mask that covers the lower half of an audience participant’s face and can be manipulated by a hand-piece held by Conti to make it look like the participant is talking. Conti often uses this to put the participant in awkward and funny situations, such as making them say that they want nothing more than to dance in front of the audience, while their body language suggests the opposite. The result is simply hysterical.

Nina was born and raised in Hampstead, London, the daughter of actors Tom Conti and Kara Drummond Wilson. She was educated at King Alfred School, London, and graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Philosophy from the University of East Anglia in 1995.

She was in a relationship with the comedian and actor Ken Campbell; from him she inherited his collection of ventriloquist dummies. She is married to Andrew “Stan” Stanley with whom she has had two children.

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