Red Wine Pork Chops

Red Wine Pork Chops


  •     4 Pork chops bone in and seasoned with salt and black pepper

  •     1 Sweet onion sliced

  •     5 Garlic cloves halved

  •     Handful of thyme

  •     3 Tbsp. Tomato paste

  •     8 oz. Red wine dry

  •     4 cups Chicken stock

  •     Extra virgin olive oil

  •     Salt and black pepper to taste


  1.     Preheat oven to 400°F. Place rack in middle position.

  2.     In a sauté pan (oven safe), heat a large drizzle of olive oil over medium/high heat. Once the olive oil is hot, place the pork chops in the pan and sear for about five minutes on each side or until a nice golden brown color. Remove the pork chops from the pan and set aside.

  3.     In the same sauté pan, if not much oil is left in the pan, add another small drizzle of olive oil. Add in the garlic and onion and sauté for about two minutes. Add in the thyme and tomato paste and stir until the tomato paste is fully combined.

  4.     Lower the heat to medium/low and pour in the wine. Stir and continue to cook for about three minutes, allowing the alcohol to evaporate as the wine simmers.

  5.     Place the seared pork chops back into the pan and then pour in just enough chicken stock until just covering the pork chops. Season with salt and black pepper if necessary.

  6.     Once the red wine sauce starts to lightly boil, place the pan into the oven and cook uncovered for twenty minutes.

  7.     Remove from the oven and enjoy with your favorite sides or some good bread to dip into the red wine sauce. Salute and cin cin!

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