Prep Time 30 minutes

Cook Time 10 minutes

Total Time 40 minutes


Servings 4

  •     1.65 lbs. sardines
  •     1 egg
  •     5 tbsp Parmigiano Reggiano finely grated
  •     5 tbsp breadcrumbs or a little more
  •     1 tbsp parsley chopped
  •     1 tbsp mint chopped (optional)
  •     1 tbsp pine nuts
  •     1 tbsp raisins or sultanas
  •     1 small clove of garlic thinly chopped
  •     1 pinch nutmeg
  •     Salt to taste



  1.     Clean and fillet the sardines.
  2.     Put all the ingredients into a bowl, add the cleaned sardines and mix well with your hands, just as if you were making meatballs. You may need to add a little extra breadcrumbs. The mixture has to feel like a meatball mixture.
  3.     Make patties the size of a lime, coat them in flour and shallow fry them on both sides until they become golden brown.

   Serve warm.

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