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Champagne risotto – Simple, Easy, and Delicious

Champagne risotto – Italian Recipe Risotto is a classic Italian dish made with rice, butter, and wine.  It is usually served as a first course in Italy; however it can be combined with other ingredients to become a main course.  This is a very easy, quick, and delicious recipe.  Watch the video below to watch […]

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Creamy Chicken Pasta Recipe – Quick * Easy * Inexpensive

Creamy Chicken Pasta Recipe – Quick * Easy * Inexpensive – Created by Rebecca Brand We continue to try to bring our fans unique and/or easy choices for dinner. This one is not really a true Italian recipe. It’s more of an American / Italian style recipe provided by Rebecca Brand. With over a half million […]

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Pasta Salad w/ Eggplant & Sun Dried Tomatoes – Italian Cook – GialloZafferano

Pasta Salad Eggplant & Sun Dried Tomatoes Italian Cook – GialloZafferano    * This is a wonderful recipe from our friends at GialloZafferano or Yellow Saffron in English. Hope you enjoy this one as much as we have. It truly is a Great Recipe!!! For those of us that are new to the sun dried tomato […]

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