Chicken in Fricassea

Chicken in Fricassea

Chicken in Fricassea is first seared in a pan and finished off by braising the meat in some wine or broth.  Add a side of roasted potatoes or rice and you have a complete meal.

This video courtesy of Fontana Forni USA demonstrates the cooking process. If you would like a written copy of the instructions, click here.


  •     8 Chicken thighs – usually cut up pieces of a whole chicken are used, but this is what I had in the refrigerator.

  •     3 yellow onions sliced – you can also add garlic with skin on – aglio in camicia

  •     1/2 cup white wine – also some chicken broth (I did not have any on this day)

  •     Salt and pepper to taste

  •     Juice of one lemon

  •     1 egg or 2 egg yolks

  •     1 Tbsp mustard

  •     Hot pepper flakes

  •     Parsley for garnish

  •     Olive oil to coat bottom of frying pan

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