Do you remember the “Backahousa” (Outhouse) ?

Do you remember the “Backahousa” 

(Outhouse) ?


Do you remember The Outhouse?

Everyone had an Outhouse back in the day.

It was the outdoor toilet that the old people used to refer to as the “Backahousa” in Broken English? So when adult children returned to visit their parents homeland they actually thought that the slang word for Outhouse; Backahousa’ was an Italian word.

Too Funny….!

Backhousa’ Video Below


The Outhouse or known in Broken English as the “Backhousa”


  People didn’t have indoor plumbing back in the day. They had an actual bedpan that would allow them to stay in their rooms instead of having to walk outside when nature called.

My two grandmothers had a total of nineteen children, born at home without indoor plumbing.

My grandparents an old fashioned “farm type” hand pump in the kitchen sink. With this she made everything she needed to feed such a large family. This doesn’t even consider the laundry and all of the water needed to do that. 



This is an example of an Outhouse


It’s hard to imagine my Grandmom Madelena’s family. Six girls and five boys  living together without an indoor toilet. The children were healthy and everyone was clean.  




My dad and his brothers would climb out the upstairs window onto the roof and pee over the side. They did this to avoid going outside in the middle of the night, often in bad weather to “do their business”.




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