Lemon Basil Pesto over Cavatappi & Broccoli

Lemon Basil Pesto over Cavatappi & Broccoli


  •     1/3 c  pine nuts

  •     2 c  fresh basil leaves

  •     3 cloves garlic, peeled

  •     S & P

  •     1/2 c grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

  •     1/2c  good, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  •     1 lemon, zest & juice

  •     1 lb Cavatappi pasta

  •     1 head of broccoli florets


  1. Toss the first 5 ingredients into the food processor. Process! As the ingredients combine… drizzle in the olive oil. It is done when it is the consistency you prefer… Scoop it out & fold in the lemon zest & juice.

  2. Meanwhile cook the pasta al dente…

  3. The last 2 minutes of cooking, add the broccoli into the boiling pot with the pasta.

  4.  Drain all & combine with the pesto & serve.

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