Zucchini, Bell Pepper & Angel Hair Pasta

Zucchini, Bell Pepper & Angel Hair Pasta


  •     2 Tbsp Canola Oil

  •     1 small Onion, sliced

  •     1 red Bell Pepper, sliced

  •     1 Yellow Bell Pepper, sliced

  •     1 Zucchini, peeled into “ribbons”*

  •     1/2 box Angel Hair Pasta, pieces broken in halves

  •     Freshly grated Parmesan Cheese, Optional


  1. In a pasta pot, set water to boil.

  2. In a Medium saute pan, heat the canola oil on Medium-High. Add in the onion slices, S & P & pepper slices. Saute until the veg is soft, but not too mushy.

  3. When the water boils for the pasta, add in the pasta & the zucchini strips.

  4.  Cook as per instructions on the pasta box.

  5. Zuccini ribbons take the same amount of time. Drain, reserving a 1/2 cup of the pasta water.

  6.  Add in the sauteed onion, bell pepper slices, along with any scrapings/oil in the pan. If needed, for extra moisture, add in the reserved pasta water here.

  7. Toss everything together.

  8. Top with the grated parmesan & enojoy!

*To make the Zucchini Ribbons- Take a Vegetable peeler & peel off the zucchini skin. Then continuously slice “ribbons” of zucchini into a pile with the peeler.

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